8th Strategic Management Conference - Barcelona

I have presented my paper "Strategy Facilitation Process By HR" at the 8th International Strategic Management Conference held in Barcelona, Spain on June 21-22, 2012. You can read the paper at ScienceDirect Database by clicking here.

I had the chance to meet and have discussions with colleagues from around the world like from Romania, Indonesia, Finland, etc. We had very constructive discussions with Romanian young academics. I also agreed with an Indonesian colleague to make a cross-cultural leadership study together.


5th Arab HR Conference - Jordan

I have presented my paper "Interpretation of Strategy In Terms of HR Actions" at the 5th Arab Human Resources Conference held in Amman, Jordan on May 8-12, 2011. I have also managed a separate workshop session on Strategic Human Resources Management. I had the chance to meet and have discussions with high level HR colleagues from different Arab countries. They were from different industries like banking, health services, public services and from Arab branches of Multinational companies. They are all very well educated and familiar with latest discussions. They are very much interested with latest developments in the field and try to put them into practice in their companies.



Abdurrahman Baş

After university education, he started his professional career in Human Resources Management as a specialist in 1995 in Istanbul.

Besides being committed Human Resources Management Professional, he assumed leadership roles in Quality Management and Strategic Management projects.

In parallel with his professional career, he continued his post-graduate studies in Marmara University and received his Ph.D. in Management Science.


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